this post is total filler

Hey look, I drew a thing during a meeting:


I signed up for this blogpact thing with my friend Kathleen and some other people I mostly haven’t met. The idea is to blog once a week and encourage each other to keep up with it, or something. I’m already behind, so we’re off to an auspicious start.

Three more random things:

  • This is a perfect summary of why I haven’t done much with wearable electronics, even though they really ought to be right up my alley. There’s a lot more I could say on this. Someday.
  • The Law of Jante is apparently a thing in Sweden. Interesting cultural thing I had no idea about. (Also maybe Scandinavia isn’t just a paradise of paid maternity leave after all.) I first ran into this here, and then had lots of interesting discussions about it with my coworker who married a Swede.
  • This is a really great podcast about the history of American housing policy. Lots of (mostly pretty terrible and racist) things I didn’t know actually happened. I should really learn more 20th century history.

One thought on “this post is total filler

  1. Yes, the Law of Jante has had a big hold on us, it’s loosing its grip, though. It would be interesting to hear what your co-worker had to say.
    And yes, I do enjoy my paid parental leave (it goes both way). I’m at home with my ten-month old and in March her dad will take over and be home for another six months. I love that we have the right to do this, as well as the right to stay home (with reduced pay) if our kids get sick later when we both work.


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