Presidio Purse

So now that Seamstress Erin has released her Presidio Purse Pattern, I can post about this purse!


I made the purse the first couple weeks of December, and then road tested it on my post-Christmas trip to Arizona. It was great! The thing is huge (seriously, I could fit my kid inside – see Erin’s announcement post for a better sense of scale) and worked great for travel. It was capacious enough to fit the pirate adventure kit along with my kindle, toys and snacks for the toddler, spare clothes, a magazine, and a couple of water bottles. The inside pockets kept my phone and keys from getting totally lost. Plus the handle happened to be the perfect length to hang over the handles of our (super lightweight, no bells and whistles) stroller when rolling through the airport.


The fabric is the leftovers from my Tron skirt. The fabric wound up being a little on the light side, so if I made this again I’d interface the body as well as the handle. (To Erin’s credit, she actually recommends this, but I thought my fabric was thick enough that it wouldn’t be a big deal.) I added piping, which definitely helped the design lines pop. I ran out of the green towards the end, so I used blue for the handle holder bits. I think it looks okay? The neon green zipper also make me very happy.


The floor shot gives you a better sense of what the purse looks like laying flat. It’s big!

Anyway, I totally recommend the pattern if you’re thinking of making a bag this year. I was a little uncertain initially about whether I’d use it much, but after traveling with it I’m SOLD. It’s a great shape and size, and there are a ton of possibilities for future versions. You can check out the flickr pool to see what other people have made. I really want to try a leather version!


5 thoughts on “Presidio Purse

    • Thanks! I have lots of bags, but they’re mostly too small for the epic quantities of stuff I seem to need when running around with a kid. I rarely use a diaper bag, and just add some baby supplies to whatever else I was going to carry, so the bigger bag is a great addition.


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