final tally (and stashbusting sewalong followup)

This is mostly for my benefit, and mostly numbers. I’m not going to put in a ton of links, but you can look at my completed projects archive for details.

  • (Woven) shirts for me: 2 (burda shirt, tiny pocket tank)
  • Skirts for me: 4 (tron, bicycle, green linen, grey plaid)
  • T-shirts for me: 5 (purple, rainbow, black & white stripe, neon stripe, finger shirt)
  • Dresses for me: 3 (red velvet pink & gray, tiramisu – all Cake Patterns!)
  • Leggings: 4 (grey stripe, black & white stripe, dragonscale, purple stripe)
  • Underwear: 1
  • Tank tops: 5 (purple, black with green, black with purple, black with silver, black with black)
  • Pants for Tom: 2 (cow pants, patchwork pants)
  • Fancy stuff for Tom: 1 (vest)
  • Shirts for Tom: 4 t-shirts, one button-down (red & stripe, red & blue, red & orange, green & blue, negroni)
  • For Izzy: 6 (cow pants, orange pants, upcycled sweater, skull onesie (fail), rainbow coat, dino costume)
  • Quilts: 2 (Finn, Miro)
  • Bags: 2 (pirate adventure kit, presidio purse)
  • Knitting: 3 (elf hat, orange scarf, tom armwarmers)
  • Failed project: 1 (darling ranges dress)

Total: 45 projects! Roughly 20 of them (in italics) were all or mostly stash fabrics, so I’ve fulfilled my Stashbusting pledge to make twelve things from stash fabric. Thanks to Cation and EmSewCrazy for organizing this thing! I certainly bought fabric this year, so it’s probably a wash in terms of total stuff owned. But I dug out some awesome fabrics and followed up on some plans that had been lingering for a loooong time, so that’s pretty cool!

45 is actually way more things than I thought I’d made, probably because a lot of it wasn’t clothes for me, and a lot of what I made for me didn’t work out. But still! I learned tons about sewing and feel like I’m in much better shape to make lots of things I will wear in the new year.

There’s definitely a balance to be struck between “Just jump in and make something already, don’t horde the special fabric” and actually planning things out so that I’ll be in love with the final product. I really like embellishments like piping or contrast cuffs/facings etc., but I didn’t do many of them this year in an effort to not be too precious about things. In 2014 I’m hoping to make more detailed garments, and do more of the custom stuff that make them special. The “design” phase of my makes needs to get longer and be more involved. Historically I’ve been terribly disorganized about this part, so we’ll see how it goes!

2 thoughts on “final tally (and stashbusting sewalong followup)

  1. Great job! You got quite a few thing accomplished for having a small one in the house. That’s exciting to hear you accomplished your pledge. Be sure to mention that and enter the giveaway for completing the year over on my blog!


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