baby fort

When we bought our house, it came with a lot of very interesting details. Among them was this built-in in the dining room.

dining room

This isn’t original to the house – it was added by the previous owner, and he never finished building it. The drawers don’t actually work, and the lower half is just an empty box. An empty box that, it turns out, my toddler LOVED climbing inside.

Rather than block it off with doors or something, I decided to run with this.

He looooves hiding in here.

And climbing in and out.

I fit inside too. Barely.

This was a really simple project. I built a basic frame with some 1x2s (and 1x4s for the front/top) and a piece of plywood. And a lot of wood screws.
The frame isn’t attached to the cabinet (I didn’t want to damage the finish on the wood) or cross-braced, it’s just a snug fit inside the cubby.

The fronts are just two pieces of 1/4″ masonite that I cut with a jigsaw, sanded and spray-painted. They’re also anchored with wood screws.

The fort is also quite popular with visiting four-year-olds, so I anticipate getting a number of years of play out of it. We may add some lighting (LED fairy lights), or drill more holes for the sheer joy of dropping things. But it’s pretty awesome as-is. Home: IMPROVED.

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