cow pants

When I met my husband, he owned a pair pants that we affectionately referred to as “the cow pants”. They were a pair of black-and-white camo army BDUs, with all the cargo pockets and whatnot. Then Tom hiked part of the Appalachian trail, he lost 30 pounds in a summer, and the cow pants passed out of our lives. Despite their absence, we still joked about them.

Then a few things happened. First, I found this pattern:


I think I’ve seen an episode or two of project runway, but not enough to explain this. “Suede” has a very special website. He also has some truly amazing pattern copy run on sentences. E.g. “We realize that not everyone rocks the same style, with that in mind, Suede put that at the forefront when designing for you.” It goes on for a while after that. And he signs off with “All my love. xoxox”. It’s…unique. Despite this, it’s a pretty solid pattern, and I’ll likely use it again. I think I got it at a Joann’s sale for $2, so not bad.

The second thing was coming across some black and white camo print denim. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!

And so this happened.

Serious parenting version.

There are lots of pockets and topstitching and everything.

I made basically no modifications out of the envelope. Tom likes a more relaxed fit, which these are. While they could probably fit him better, he would probably rebel if I tried to make him wear something tight. So while I did do a fair amount of basting to check stuff, I didn’t actually change anything fit-wise. I did add some side/thigh pockets though. Just patch pockets, no pocket flaps. This was for looks as much as anything. The pants just seemed to need something there (even though they’re basically invisible in these pictures because CAMOUFLAGE).


The one complaint is the pockets, which have a fairly dramatically slanted opening. Great for resting your hands in, not so great for keeping your cellphone from getting stolen on the subway (ask me how I know). So that’ll be changing for the next version.


These pants are unquestionably ridiculous, but he totally wears them all the time. I finished them months ago, but it took a while before they were clean on a day we could take photos. And then I procrastinated forever on actually posting about them.


Which turns out to be a good thing. You see, I had a fair amount of fabric left over from making the pants. And then there was this free skinny jeans pattern from Titchy Threads. And I’m mildly insane and want to put time into making pants complete with half-fly, back yoke, pockets and belt loops for my toddler. So this happened.


Here they are on the toddler, but you can’t see as well.

And behind.

Pocket detail.

The thing that really almost killed me was the adjustable elastic waistband. But I did it, and I’m glad – this feature really does add longevity to kids clothes, and I’ll be adding it to future projects for sure. These are a size 2T, and Izzy was about 12 months when I finished them. But I can roll up the cuffs and adjust the waistband, and they work quite well. I’m hoping for a lot of wear out of these given how much work I put into them.

And now, matching outfits.



5 thoughts on “cow pants

  1. How cute! I wonder why father-son patterns never caught on back in the day? I have this same pattern, so I have to say I’m much more inclined to give it a go now that you’ve given it the stamp of approval.

    • I think the skills required for designing men’s clothing patterns and the skills required for children’s clothing patterns are kind of different. So such patterns probably wouldn’t be great in all the sizes. I think Jalie does patterns with insane size ranges, from kids through adults. Perhaps those are a bit better? I haven’t tried them. I also wouldn’t have done the matching thing if it hadn’t filled a real wardrobe need for both of them in addition to being funny.

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