The truth is, I’m not wildly enthusiastic about being pregnant a lot of the time. It is, as my mother-in-law put it, “a bit of a physical ordeal”. I’m totally thrilled to become a parent, and excited to finally meet this baby and everything, but I’m not constantly bubbling over with excitement. Which is hard when so many (very well-intentioned!) people want to hear me gush about baby clothes or the nursery or whatever. For me, pregnancy is mostly just uncomfortable, and the degree to which it limits my activities (industrial art is kind of out this summer) has been frustrating. And It doesn’t help that my ribs are actually bruised from the kicking over the past couple of weeks.

But I’m almost done. My due date is two months from tomorrow, so I have at most (if the baby is very late) 77 days to go. Probably more like 60. Can you tell I’m counting? And then it’s on to a whole new adventure.


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