Ms. Frizzle fashion

Ms. Frizzle

As a child I was a big fan of the Magic School Bus books. Magical bus shrinks/grows/flies through space – what’s not to love?

The teacher in the books, Ms. Frizzle, was known for pet iguana Liz and her collection of appropriately themed dresses (usually related to space or plate tectonics or whatever that book was about).  I’m thinking about trying to recreate some of the dresses, at least in spirit.  It ought to be pretty simple:

  1. Acquire absurdly patterned cotton
  2. Get a 50s-ish dress pattern, such as butterick 5556
  3. Make the dress
  4. Probably skip the matching shoes and earrings because srsly

I’ve already made one dress of this sort, but it wasn’t crazily patterned and has more of a goth secretary vibe than anything else.  I think these could be fun to wear to events where I don’t want to look normal but can’t actually get it together to assemble an outfit.

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